Guess What?

Is global warming or climate change meaningful to you?  Can you figure out weather an earthquake will occur in your location?

How many disasters do you think about in your life?  Is the news a source of doom and gloom?

Today, the internet gives us more information to sift through than at any other time in history.  It is a platform for many discussions, debates, ads, cyber crimes, and much more.  People are tuned into their smart phones like they use to be tuned into their TV’s.  We literally have more devices than we need to use.

There is a community that is growing around the world.  New problems are arising on the daily, hourly and minute basis.  Ignorance, the truth, a lie, and conspiracy are becoming the new entertainment.

Things like fake news, conspiracy theory, and misinformation are truly confounding people.

Yet, sanity still provides stability for most people’s behaviour. The alarmists are just one of the many frustrations truly confounding people.

Parents and children are more afraid than most.  But humanity continues to thrive in the present overpopulated world.

Many people are just happy to go to work, do their chores and live a normal life.

But all this ‘guessing’ is starting to get on peoples nerves.  It is extra nice to unplug and take a break from time to time.

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