Can’t By writetothepoint1960

Can’t make happen when everybody is crazy.

Do you act that way because you are lazy?

Can’t stop you, the dog in you, looking hazy,

But the human side of you will love a daisy.

Can’t make you wait, shut you up or be still.

Don’t act on desires, or be persuaded by them.

Don’t be prompted by aversions, or act like you will kill.

And yet, don’t make yourself a saint or a priceless gem.

Can’t afford the resources in this universal game.

Can’t survive the law of nature perpetrated on this body.

Can’t assume you will tell me the answer to my claim.

And ‘this is that’ is puzzlement or oddly.

Can’t make you bear all the truth and beauty here.

Won’t make a pretty picture for everyone to see.

Look at the world as home for them there.

Or reach beyond your grasp to win the key.

Can’t risk a life to win a point for the team.

And peace is a hard won prize, harder than war.

And determination is the working part of the theme.

And wonderment is the gleaming part of the core.

Can’t force the issuer to work without direction.

You carry a compass with your compassion.

Don’t press the path with your objections.

Always look out for things that stay in fashion.

Can’t blind the issue with a moment of doubt.

Or find all the answers with your power.

Can’t be the savior with your route.

Can’t make it all better within the hour.

Can’t worry or hurry to the end.

With love, courage and willingness to improve,

Your life will become a most important friend.

Keep lively upon your path and in the groove.

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