The Problem With Transparency (My Rant)

When we are held against our will by a group the individual becomes a prisoner. Or the individuals become slaves to the group.

The technology becomes evasive when it intrudes on the privacy of the individual.

At present, there are many individuals who are creating profiles and data about themselves that put them at risk for intruding into their privacy, against their will. And at worst, they are putting their lives at risk through their ignorance.

Truth and beauty are examples of healthy transparency. People who knowingly risk their privacy to find a healthier way to find a better way to be transparent.

Many people openly sign contracts and follow rules and regulations that suspend parts of their privacy to allow companies and governments to hire them to do jobs which they are paid to do. Public servants are good examples. Yet, when these public servants make mistakes that cause harm to the company or the companies are found guilty of harming the public servant, they are held accountable.

So, it is imperative that as a group we are able to find better ways to be held accountable when problems with transparency result in harm to others. The goal is not to simply be transparent, but to do so without causing needless harm.

With that said, we are far away from accountable transparency of any kind. There are many problems to be remedied before accepting technology that monitor, record, collect data, etc. People need privacy and Safeway’s to have a living space that will not be manipulated to harm them.

Education is key. People need to learn what the consequences of these new technologies are to them. Fortunately, the media is helping us see the good, bad and ugly.

When all is said and done, there is a siren call on topics like hate spin, alarmist journalism, and evasive procedures done by elitist organizations. The brave new world may not be about big brother, but about being better educated on these new ways to improve society. No one wants to blindly trust governments, companies, or powerful people just because the ideas are possible.

It is a lot harder to advance or be honest than the impression makes it seem to be.

We all need to study the new ways and practice prevention before we cause more harm than good.

Again, with that said, there is a warning to be posted before more is discovered for the common good. Most of us need to have our backs up against the wall before we learn anything. As alarmist as this may sound, I think things need to get worse before we start practicing the prevention needed in our society.

Many of us, don’t like to face the music. Hopefully, we are not talking about death and destruction. But a lot of money is invested in new technology. And if and when it creates opportunity to cause harm, it may not be easy to overcome the issues this creates.

My goal is to get involved with the thick of things. I want to stay vigilant, informed and working in society to embrace the 3rd, fourth, 5th or whatever wave is going to hit us in today’s development.

My wish is that people do their best stay Leary of any free lunch or miracles that promise us the moon.

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