Be Responsible

Be on time for all your appointments or meetings.

Don’t hold people hostage when you make a promise.

Play my role in all my affairs: the best son, best man, best worker, best brother, and any other role I choose to play.

Don’t make a half effort when I can do better.

Be my best self in life no matter what occurs.

I can only control myself . And I am a moral work in progress.

Be there for others (according to the role I am playing with them).

Remember, I am a citizen of the world: I will be my best self whether I am here or there, playing this role or another.

Self-manage and self motivate who I am and accept others for who they are now.

Do not try to live in the past or future because it only brings hurry and worry.

Communicate with myself and others.

Sharing information is collaborative and cooperative. Be present for the situation at hand and only produce opportunity for better behavior.

(You can led a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.)

Be a good example to others in life.

But realize I can not fix others.

Focus on the activity in the moment.

Be the best son, be the best man, worker, or appropriate role for this moment.

Be responsible in all my affairs.

I am responsible for my private self and my public self.

To instigate means to bring about what is best in the present: led or follow, whichever works.

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