(The Horrible Disease I Probably Already Have) Prayer

To love and to cherish the human body,

To address my undying fascination for how said body works,

The way I coped with my sickness and all my loved ones (who were very sick) who I could not fix,

My love of medicine, black humor (any kind of humor as long as it makes me laugh),

To let go of needless pain and suffering,

To do no harm,

To be of use to my body and be willing to give first aid to anyone in need,

To get over the past and get on with the present,

To work on my good and work on my bad behavior and to find some ‘middle ground’,

To be grateful for my insatiable curiosity that keeps me a life long student and teacher,

To sum up all my fears, cut them in half and learn to live with them,

To boldly go on living, laughing and learning in all my affairs…

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