My Experience With A Walk

There are too many ways, too many places.

The extreme ways I walk may border on obsessive to some.

There are many books but I only recommend one:  The Walk:  Notes On A Romantic Image by Jeffrey C. Robinson.

I am trying to express my whole passion for the subject.

I like my morning walk to work, or on the weekends, and when I go for a hike.

I do a lot of exercise when I walk: physical, mental and emotional.

Walking is more than a passion, need, or part of my routine.

To be fully connected to walking 🚶 requires my full attention and in this way it requires none of my conscious mind.  Perhaps, my walk is about being 🎁 and engaging my subconscious mind.  Along with being an active meditation, I do engage with the environment:  the people and things.

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