Ghost Buster

Do you have a demon in your refrigerator?

Are you 😳 you may be locked in your freezer?

We have a two compartment system in our bodies.

The fridge is where we access the stuff that energizes from meal to meal.

The freezer is what energizes when the fridge is empty.

We fear running out of food.  Or accessing it when we run out.

What does this mean?

The body works on a two compartment theory.  And we don’t like to challenge ourselves when the time is available.

We eat too much and get heart burn.  There are great antacids.  We take one and ignore the masked symptom.

Why not fast after indigestion?

If we put on a few pound, why not fast from snacks or miss one meal a day? 

When we get back to our fighting weight we can eat moderately again.

I think fasting in moderation is the key.

More research and information is needed but many studies and health professionals are looking into the obesity and weight correction problems.

I believe in doing no harm.

But being healthy and of sound mind, I am researching the weight problem and have come up with a moderate fasting solution.

Facing my own fears and trying out moderate fasting seems like a risk worth taking in my circumstances.

What do you think is worth doing?

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