[Epictetus and Student], Meditation: Experience showing the truth

In this dialogue, Epictetus(the philosopher) and his student discuss the use of thought, study, principles.  And how this is a form of meditation to help one give up or let go of everyday problems in daily living.

Epictetus:  Desire and aversion are two imposters that block us from living our lives.  We crave ways to be like our desires and aversions.  In this way, we suffer pain in our minds and body.

Student:  Yes, we all have problems, why do we become sick?  And how can we become healthy?

E:  All your problems will drop away by practicing principles of philosophy.  The proper use of impressions will show the way to meditate on your problems.  To awaken your mind is to experience the truth.  And you will see your mind as a powerful instrument.  You will learn to use your mind like a computer.  You will write programs to play that will help you master your problems.  In this way, you will stop making yourself sick and start becoming more and more healthy.

S:  But this must take a lot of hard work?

E:  Yes, but you will build a healthy personality and live a beautiful life.  To do this one thing will make your life important to yourself and others.

S:  But what about work and family, hobbies, and other parts of life?


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