[Hercules, Phoebus], Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Zeus’s son, Hercules, is talking to Phoebus (the sun god) about the sudden mid-day change that will bring certain destruction upon the Greek States.  But the sun god will have none of this talk, he reassures Hercules that the moon will only reveel the stars of the heavens and nothing more.  But he encourages him to seek advice from the local astronomer on how to view the proceedings.

Hercules:  Why do you allow the moon to block out your chariot, as you progress through the mid-day sky?

Phoebus:  I am only covered by the moon.  She will eclipse me for a few minutes at most.

H:  All Greeks believe you will allow much destruction to befall our fair land.

P:  I am too busy traveling across the heavens.  Yes, the stars will appear when I am covered by she for a few minutes.  But that is all.  Soon after, I will return the sky and continue with my daily journey.

H:  I am grateful for your wisdom and knowledge.  Long may you drive your chariot across the sky.

P:  Thank you, but I warn you about looking directly into the sun.  Task your local astronomer for proper instructions before watching the entire eclipse.

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