[Brother and Sister], Mom and Dad

In this dialogue, the two principles are talking about the welfare of the parents.  The brother says his mother has been on her own for over 10 years.  The sister asks what he thought of her future.  He goes on to talk about his father’s death and the legacy he left for the family.  The sister agrees, but points out some differences and the importance of caring for the aging parents:  in summary as in caring for the living mother.
They pick up on the conversation at this point in the summarization.

Brother:  Why do you want to care for mom when you know dad left her enough money to make her comfortable.  And I am here.  I see her every weekend, I call her, she calls me.

Sister:  I know you care for her.  I just mean dad’s memory is in her mind enough already.  We need to emphasize her worth to us.

Brother:  Yes.  I agree.  We have been doing it for over ten years.  And I am only talking to you.  And I say mom and dad left everything to us.  We need to remember mom is still in need of everything and it helps her when we treat her as the one in charge.  We need to help her remember her ability to take care of herself.

Sister:  We do, you do.  I do in my way.

Brother:  Good, we are on the same page.


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