[Him and Her], Being Tougher than the Rest

In this dialogue, she is center stage because of her need for him. She has watched him love for such a longtime.  She has seen him handle himself through thick and thin.  The way she looks at him (when he unabashedly declares his love for her) says it all.  It is the heart of what sings out to both of them.  And while in this heightened state of love, they have a talk about what they are going through to get here.

Her:  I love you more.  You don’t see it now.  But I put up with all those other guys.  The ones you are tougher and better than.

Him:  Ya, I know you did, but you never really were a lone.  Yes, you felt lonely and that was painful.  And I had my own pain.

Her:  Yes and you are a fighter which makes you right for me.

Him:  You fight well when you do it for either of us.  Why are you looking like I’ve past some test?

Her:  You did.  And I am and I will.  Because, together we are going further than all the rest.

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