[Greek, Roman], The Roman Empire

In this dialogue, a Roman master-race status is pitted against the superiority of Greek culture.  The two noblemen are at odds but the collaboration and cooperation are evident in the outcomes.  The two principles discuss the outcomes.

Greek:  As a master-race you would never have conquered Carthage without the superior knowledge of Greek Engineering, science and art.

Roman:  We are the master-race.  We have conquered the known world.  Yes, we had some trouble with Carthage but it has allowed the empire to absorb more people, places and things.  After all, to be a Roman of distinction, I speak Greek as well as Latin.

G:  Yes, and Greek art fills your home.  You were also tutored by a Greek to learn the basic tenets of Plato ethics and Aristotle’s logic and rhetoric.

R:  I admit you Greeks make great engineers because you did a splendid job with our Pantheon.  And your Greek philosophy have enabled us to fill out a framework for our law and history.  We love your consumer goods and your gladiators keep us entertained in the Colosseum.  But we are the master.  You make good detectives but we make the best rulers.

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