[Insanity, Sanity], Gallstone Pain

In this dialogue, two personas exemplify a normal state of mind to discuss an unacceptable one.  It is often misunderstood or considered unimportant.  Today things like sleep deprivation and gallstone pain are common problems that are reaching epidemic proportions.  Yet, the state of mind, is hardly taken seriously and needs to be expressed better in literature and culture.  Common concerns are often overlooked due to ignorance and lack of compassion.  This story is trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Insanity:  Had another f***ing tantrum, just about lost my cookies on that one.

Sanity:  What set you off.  Did someone mess with you i.e.) punch you, shoot you, put you in the hospital?

Is:  No.

S:  You get some kind of bad ass news?  You fired?  Get the death sentence?  Loose someone important to you?

Is:  No.

S:  What then?

Is:  Well, first, I told you it was a tantrum.  But, I think it’s more like a mood swing because I’ve had this difficult sleeping problem for the last couple of years.

S:  Really, what is wrong?

Is:  I think I need surgery for gallstones.  It’s painful enough to wake me every night and I have a tough time getting eight hours sleep.

S:  So, you are sick and you deny it.  And you are sleep deprived and getting mood swings.

Is: Yup.

S:  Good enough.

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