[Plato, Aristotle],Typical Greek Chauvinism about Non-Greeks, Treating Woman as a Subordinate; Condoning Pedophilia, slavery

In this dialogue, two famous philosophers talk about societal problems as acceptable male behaviour.  Why do we need to hear it?  Because it shows the extreme poverty that culture has had in the past.  It also explains the need for treating people better, wiser, with sanity:  a charter of human rights is essential.

Plato: none of them are Greek therefore none of them are fit for serious study.

Aristotle:  Yes, if future generations see our chauvinism as bad what would they think of us condoning paedophilia treating women as subordinate or slavery?

P:  I do not chase boys or harass women but a slave is the treaty question.

A:  We mostly tolerate these bad habits of our Greek upper class but what of it.  Doesn’t every culture have bad habits.

P:  Socrates would say these habits are better left unpracticed.

A:  Do you agree?

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