[Him, Her], Sheltered Innocence

In this dialogue, the softness in their voice is difficult to pin point.  The valor and feelings make speaking a tide that ebbs and flows.  She’s alright in her fashion and he is the distraction.  He is a strong note of contention for her acceptance and passion.  They drift along a shore.  They paddle out.  They get more.  They want peace.  They like action.  They fill out the reaction.  Looking for love, they find more and more and more…

Him:  Can you feel your voice rising and falling?  Is it more of a vibration?  Does it come and go?  I just want to go out from the shore.

Her: Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I want beach and sand.  Till, the water breaks on shore.  I like the shore.  More, more, more!

Him:  You feel the wave passing through your legs.  You always look.  I see you breath.  Hold my hand in yours.

Her:  Ya.  Come on out, let’s swim out to the breaking waves.  You want my hand, you are light, I can pull your body next to me.

Him:  Don’t do that, unless you want to, I am happy with your hand.  Let’s body surf these waves.

Her:  Let’s get some.

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