[Greens, BC Liberals], An Informal Arrangement

In this dialogue, two savvy voters discuss the looming compromise to keep the B.C. Liberals in power, to keep the B.C. Greens growing towards the third alternative.  On the liberal side you keep the power structure in play for a couple more years.  And maybe learn a thing or two about greener ideas for proportional voting, climate change and human rights/ cooperation and collaboration.

BC Greens:  We are tired of letting the planet go to pot.  We need to stop all the pollution.  We need to figure out a way to implement good change without fracturing the power structure.  You liberals need to have our help.  If you expect to have a majority for a couple more years.  At least that’s what I read in the paper.

BC Liberals:  What about these media people?  They worked pretty hard last night dealing with this big news.  I was reading the Globe & Mail this morning, they set out most of the information, analysis, and strategy for our new government.

BCG:  You think?  I believe the NDP may garnish us a better future.  After all, they offer the voter a $400 rent subsidy.  And your optics seem to find it difficult to give our party official party status:  an office, budget, and staff!

BCL:  Hey, Christy is looking good.  We won the popular vote and we won the most seats.  You can’t forget the last 16 years!  We have made it possible for your party to exist.  I mean both the NDP and Liberals have had fights and worked through many issues over the years.  You guys are the new kids on the block.

BCG:  Ya, we are mostly young smart people with power and money from people who earn their way through political change.  We are tired of big money from the unions and business.  We want ‘fair trade’ in our politics.  We are listening to the people who vote for us and we build a party for them.  Hell, we are them.!

BCL:  Well, we might be getting a little long in the tooth.  And we are also a party that believes in its people.  Our country is democratic and our liberal principles make it stay democratic.  That’s the way it is.  So, unless you can prove to me that are ideals that need replacing, I think I will wait for the final count to come in over the next couple of months.

BCG:  Ya, we believe you.  That’s why you are going to support our private members bills and honor us with party status.  And we will give you another couple years of ‘clean air’.


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