[goddess, god], Myth About Women

In this dialogue, two gods talk about inequality.  It comes up because one calls a grown woman a ‘girl’.  We all do it.  We all think there is something ‘pretty’ about it.  But women leaders are coming out against it because of the way mostly men use the word.  Especially when it is sexual or perhaps insinuating that a woman is less than a man.  No one says ‘look at that boy’ to a grown man anymore.  Anyway, the idea is that it is time to treat women better.  And perhaps, the gods can get the ball rolling…

goddess:  She is just a girl.

god:  For goodness sake, she must be 40 years old.

gs:  Well, she is young for her age.

g:  No, she is definitely a woman with two girls of her own, a shitty job, a husband and a mortgage.  The whole she-bag.

gs:  Well, she will always be my little girl.

g:  F*** You!  Get a life,

gs:  Well, I never heard such language.  Women, like myself and others don’t need a god that hammers away at them.  I don’t give a f*** about the use of language or swearing between consenting adults.  But I guess I think demeaning language makes me think of inequality.  It is better to give up bad language when it supports ideas that are out dated and need reform.  I’ll start calling her a woman and maybe you can drop some of the four letter words.

g:  Sounds good, Karen, and you can call me Bob.  I’m a big believer in cooperation and collaboration.

gs:  Me too Bob.  I guess we should set a good example.  People hang on our every world.

g:  Yes, and we aren’t doing too well ourselves.

gs:  True.  True.

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