[Plato and the Mathematician], God and Heaven On Earth

In this dialogue, two philosophers use mathematics as a symbol to demonstrate the need to learn about ‘The Good in Itself’.  They abstractly turn to the need for study.  How we need to practice on earth to believe in the universe, God and Heaven. 

Plato:  Above the door, yes, no number can be added to any other.  What do you think this slogan means to our school?

Mathematician:  I liken it to a term we call ‘fractals’ and how combined with basic algebra and imaginary numbers, the infinite can be captured in a design.

P:  Yes, this is a form from the imagination that describes ‘The Good in Itself’.  I subscribe no name to it.  But I honor my friend and teacher:  Socrates.

M:  He is the one who gave his life in the pursuit of love (knowledge of wisdom)

P:  Yes and the students spend ten years learning mathematics to become students and teachers in Cnidus’s school.

M:  Ah, the foundation for Euclidean geometry.

P:  Hmm, I find the sphere to be a remarkable image.

M:  Yes, each geometrical figure is significant.  Spheres produce the least surface area for a given volume composed to any other object of the same volume. So you lend your reason to the language of mathematics?

P:  I believe God will help us learn mathematics to reveal the form in all, here on earth.

M:  Einstein’s equation has produced many modern devices which people consider magical.

P:  It is rational that math is the ultimate language that God gave humanity because He used it to create us and the universe.  We use language to talk about it.  We make things to help us understand form, heaven, god, etc.  Our imagination is hard at work.

M:  Yes do, you will.  It’s very simple a matter to express, but we need to make a commitment to learning about living in this manner.

P:  ‘not yet’, it will take tens and hundreds of generations before we will become one. We will become billions before any change will occur.

M:  But all this growth and progress leads to the proper use of impressions or forms and the use of humanities imagination.  We will learn how to use ‘The Good in Itself’.

P:  Perhaps, like Socrates we will learn to accept death like life.  We will practice what we preach.


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