[Socrates and Plato], Heaven on Earth

In this dialogue, the two philosophers talk about the real and the realm we call the universe.  And the imagined and the realm we call heaven.  We call each other humans here and souls there.  In reality we experience constant struggle and change.  In heaven we experience permanence and eternity.

Plato:  Why can’t humanity learn to understand and apply ‘The Good in Itself’?

Socrates:  Why, yes, it is just a matter of mindset.  ‘The Good in Itself’ would take a lifetime of study to learn and put into practice.  People would need to give up traditional concepts of family and friends for the illusion they really are.

P:  Socrates, you go too far, the people would revolt, if they heard you speak so.  You would be jailed and forced to drink hemlock by the eleven.

S:  Yes, I am afraid you are most accurate my friend.  But I stand by my statement.  The mindset would be one of a ‘not yet’.  This would allow the mindset to progress and grow into a better understanding of ‘The Good in Itself’.

P:  I’m afraid you would create a religion that would be hated by the establishment.

S:  Yes, many would die to produce this religion.  But again, it would be worth while if we could only prevent science from taking the upper hand.

P:  But you must see that science would win out in the end.  The world would be transformed into many amazing devices and many material goods.

S:  Yes, and everyone would exhaust the natural resources on this planet.  Then we would need to use better devices to leave this planet.

P:  I see where you are going you sly fox.  This is the only way to get to heaven.  We must learn about the universe.  We must become citizens of the universe.

S:  Yes, but to approach the end of the universe is the only way to know that heaven exists beyond all we can see and do.

P:  What am I to say to the clever ones?  They will want to figure out how it all works.

S:  Argue with them, let them form their own schools:  always preach peace.  Somewhere, in the future, we will met again.  And then, we will live in heaven.  Perhaps, we will find a way to come back here to better use and appreciate the world.

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