[Plato and Aristotle], Western Civilization

In this dialogue, two famous philosophers struggle to determine the fate of western civilization.  The first, Plato, talks about his vision of The Cave.  It represents a place where there is just material existence to the shining sun where there is true wisdom.  The second is Aristotle, who believes it is the philosopher’s job to find out how it works.  Two ways the west has embraced for over 2000 years.

Plato: Why do you dwell upon the science, logic and technology?  We are destined to raise ourselves above reality and the material world.

Aristotle:  You dream about religion, mysticism and poetry.  I am carrying a torche which will enlighten the mind to a world of facts.

P:  Why are we here?  What is the purpose of eternity?  These questions help set the mind on a journey to a higher place.  Beyond space and time there is spirit.  A form that is greater than matter.  Can you not look for impressions and use them as a proper aim to shoot your arrow.

A:  We must learn to build and control our environment.

P:  We must teach the proper use of impressions.

A:  Perhaps, it is time for me to leave this school and form my own.

P:  Yes, yes, you must form your own, but I wager a place will form which is greater than both our visions.

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