[Socrates and Xenophon], Philosophy


In this dialogue, two men who are upperclass, discuss the value of philosophy.  Socrates has found that a circle of friends (or followers) and challenging the established norm is necessary to be.  However, Xenophon still prefers to retire. On his estate, he continues to live with his wife and children.  He spends his liesure writing books on hunting, soldering and his memoirs.

Socrates:  A good curiosity is all that’s needed to study and use philosophy.

Xenophon:  Who wants to be told how to live?

S:  You miss the point, you listen and learn.  And become a willing participant in the application of sound philosophical principles.

X:  What about soldering, buisiness of the estate and other interests (hunting, memoirs)?

S:  What about them, listen and learn and apply those principles.

X:  Yes, but isn’t a philosopher a full time job?

S. That we will save for another dialogue.

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