[Giver and Taker], Mindset

This dialogue is about two characters that represent a fixed mindset and a flexible one.  Going from a ‘now’ mindset to a ‘not yet’ one is an improvement.  With encouragement and practice we can learn almost anything.  A person of average intelligence can progress through health, money, exercise, relationships and business.  A growth mindset reminds us that reguardless of ability in life, anyone can improve.  But in a relationship, a fixed mindset may led to a break up.  All give and no take will show up sooner or later.  Without some collaboration and cooperation the relationship will end in a failure.

Giver:  I will give you encouragement and support while you improve in life.

Taker:  Good, I want more now, but I can’t get it when I spend all my time and energy on you.

G:  You can loose weight slowly by practicing the good habits that you discover.  Keep working for progress and accept a ‘not yet’ mindset.

T:  My weight is my concern, don’t tell me how to run my life.

G:  I believe in you.  My mindset is all about ‘not yet’.  I am willing to continue with you and invest in our relationship.  I may not get support from you at present.  But I believe you are the one.

T:  Well, you are not the one.  I realize now, I can never love you.  I must move on to someone who can give me a 100%.

G:  Wth my ‘not yet’ attitude, I realize you will not give anything to the relationship.  But now that you want to break it off, I am still willing to meet you more than half way.  I will give you 100%.  I just ask you to try a ‘not yet’ mindset.

T:  You are a crazy person.  I’m going with someone who doesn’t expect me to give until I reach my goal.

G:  I can see you must have a fixed mindset in this relationship.

T:  I’m fixed and focused on my needs, now.  You can’t help by expecting me to put out for you when I am aiming for my success.  I want more money, a better weight, health and fitness, a better business.

G:  I support you 100%.  Why can’t you support me to do the same thing?

T:  Because, I take what is given and I take what is mine.  I work hard.  Don’t you believe in me?

G:  I’m afraid you are loosing me here.  I need support from you, at least a little for a start.  You only act selfishly and without concern for our relationship.  I need to move on to find someone who can support me more.

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