Tolerance, Calm, Belief in Self and Others

Forgive and forget, stay calm, and believe that others (including yourself) are the most important.

It is not about being right, being better or competitive with others.

It is about having compassion when others don’t have compassion for you (tolerance) (staying calm) (and believing in yourself and others).

Know yourself, examine your beliefs and question them each time they seem useful.

You may feel down and out, do you know a place that has the answer?

I challenge you to be non-violent and be compassionate when others hate you.

In a sense, your rights are on the line every time you confront hate within yourself.

My challenge is to be compassionate, tolerant and believe in myself and others in my day to day stuff.

Good luck. Enjoy, Total Solar Eclipse 2017!

Seeing Things

Have you ever sat on the toilet to see where your user expected you to clean the bathroom?

Or do you understand what it means to have another set of experiences to see and know what is best to do?

The idea is to think outside the usual reference when considering point of view.

Getting into discovery mode is not only about doing it the way you see it.

I need to listen to the Way he or she does it and try using this person’s point of view.

To truly listen I need to connect to others by adopting their ways.

As a light duty cleaner of a commercial business, it helps to consider the physical point of view as well as many other elements.

I can research a person by obtaining permission to interview them.

I can ask them about their experience and attempt to understand this element of their point of view.

To bring more information to this situation, it is important to consider things on the case by case basis.

A fresh perspective requires work from the source or original idea.

This can take many forms or ideas.

It may mean looking at life using ‘the proper use of impressions.’

Asking how important is it, after every discovery, is part of the method to find your way.

Finding the truth, as you know it, is to discover your way and stick with it through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Many things are out of my control, but to be and receive collaboration is key.

My own collaboration will provide a good example.

I am as transparent and non-violent as I can be.

I attempt to do no harm.

I can not continue to avoid changing and growing.

i need to use the Socratic method and question my beliefs.

i don’t have to ‘ have a total eclipse of my heart’.

The solar eclipse is on Monday, August 21, 2017.

There will be no Total Solar Eclipse in Canada or in my way of being…

Connecting on and about this day can be a good thing.

Don’t you think!?

Why Eclipse My Heart?

Being too set on someone or something is a passion for various reasons.

Blotting out or blacking out my heart could mean trouble.

I know I am obsessed when…

Why does it hurt so much when I get close to you?

I need to calm down if and when I get obsessive.

There are no simple answers, but letting go of impulsive behaviors are part of it.

And being aware of these negative behaviors allow me to feel through the passion and learn to respond without doing harm to myself or others.

Living with loneliness is painful. Avoiding pain makes one attract negative elements: excessive behaviors like isolation, chronic use of devices (computers, etc.), poor choices, and poor decisions.

I need to be good to myself and be with good people.