Living The Good Life

The practice of living a good life is simply doing no harm and striving to learn to do this in all your affairs.

But a rational look at it is a good guide for some.

There are many routines to living a good life.

They all involve practicing the basic living lifestyle that promotes health and all the forms that entails.

A blog and a journal is a good habit to maintain a record and place to sort out day to day problems, solutions and even goals and objectives.

There is no need for perfection, but an aim towards it will avail itself on the regular basis.

A desire or a passion will show itself to the practitioner over time.

Philosophy is a way of being guided to live a good life.

Contemplate all the above and throw in your own life experience.

It would be a tribute to being true to the principles, actions, and beliefs and to a very rich (well balanced) lifestyle.

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  1. Right on. As Joseph Campbell suggested ‘Have a sacred place’ to retreat to — a sanctum sanctorum where you contemplate the inner self free of the day’s news and global chaos and your own debts and problems and anxieties — ‘Find your bliss’ within yourself.

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