Socrates Vs. Me: how to change the world

In this dialogue, Socrates and I have an argument and discuss ways to change the world.

Me: How do you show people the truth?

Socrates: I ask them questions.

M: I want to reveal to people how to live the good life. Can you do that, too!?

S: It would be better if they discovered how to do that on their own.

M: You don’t like to chit chat about that, eh?

S: You are my enemy, and I need to reveal you to them.

M: Since when, did I do something important? Am I a problem? Wouldn’t you rather have many enemies rather than just me?

S: There is nothing more important than the truth.

M: My truth or yours?

S: Mine, not your imitation. Remember, I am the one who drank the hemlock.

M: Yes, you decided to walk through the door.

S: Yes, and you are afraid of suicide.

M: Yes, I have a need to live a little longer.

S: Go out and make some friends like I do.

M: I will, but I want to make young friends, because they will tell the truth. They may not even know what there is about the truth that is so terribly difficult.

S: What about your routine? Let me help you tell the truth, show some of that pain and good life you are so happy to share with the world.

M: You don’t believe in writing anything, or telling anything, do you?

S: You and I are powerful individuals, we can help get the truth out there. Don’t you think?

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