The problem with wokeism is the harm done to people and society.

It would be safe to point out the problem. Please read about it in the clear thinking article from the American Thinker, I concur, but there is a great deal of fear in society today.


I am concerned with my own fear of wokeism.

I could call it facing my own fear.

The last couple of years have been exhausting because of all the big reasons like pandemics, war, destabilization of the individual and society.

I can’t blame anyone who passes by life to find comfort or even a distraction.

But life is short, I am exhausted and it doesn’t help to be bogged down with self-doubt at the moment.

Most people are finding it difficult at best and confusing or worse.

I find woke is a job to do.

Become aware of what and how it works and try to help people who are getting sick or harmed by the consequences of getting in over your head with something that is harming you and others.

There is at least a need to beware of woke people and principle that do not work and cause damage to society.

I am not out to call it names, other than say it does not work for me.

There are plenty of press and people who have taken on the cause to prevent this movement from doing harm.

I know I have not finished dealing with it as something to learn more about and to not use (even subconsciously in my life) in my life.

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