The Breath

A comfortable meditation posture is somewhere you can sit on the floor, sit on a chair or lie down.

If you are sitting on a chair, let your feet be flat on the ground.

In whatever posture you are in, find steadiness and comfort.

Allow your spine to be straight, shoulders back, relaxed and down.

Slightly tuck your chin downward.

The tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth.

And eyes gently closed or half open and with a downward gaze.

Your body is strong, firm, and sitting in a secure posture.

Breath deep, naturally, and fully.

Mind is clear and open.

Find silence, stillness and awareness.

To repeat this for 10 minutes each day for a month is to build a practice.

There is very little effort to build a good life long habit.

Call it what you want or call it nothing at all.

Breath in and pay attention to your breath.

Breath out and let go and relax.

Each day you will heal and get better or stay more healthy.

Remember you may give this gift to yourself and others.

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