Drug Pandemic 2021

There are many designer drugs out there, but opioids seem to be the choice that cause some of the greater problems.


How much harm has been done through greedy drug companies and recreational drugs?

There is such a big opening to drug addiction and the opioid pandemic that most people are feeling numbed out by the sounds of ambulances and news about the pandemic.

It is a challenge to look through the current literature and follow the news stories with all the stress and worry surrounding this story of disease and heart ache.

Alcohol Use Disorder, Benzodiazepine Use Disorder, Cannabis Use Disorder, Opioid Use Disorder.

All the above is considered substance use and addiction by the government and organizations that help and treat people with these kind of problems.

It may not sound as sexy as Opioid Pandemic, but it is an umbrella problem of huge magnitude that deserves the survey of news and current affairs here in Canada by any Canadian wishing to become aware of the problem(s).

What about smoking, vaping, and tobacco?

Or the power of stigma around drug use?

To talk about drugs, you need to become aware of the uses and types and issues surrounding a problem like a Drug Pandemic.

Awareness is key.

Please support the effort.

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