Let’s make some money through copywriting.

I want to sell you an idea.

My ad is called “Blogman”.

He is a philosopher king, not exactly a Socrates, but definitely a messenger.

He is part Socrates because he uses the Socratic method to sell you the product…

What do you love?

What is your good?

What is the proper way to sell love and goodness for a man?

I have been writing copy on these products for over ten years.

I enjoy making a gift of the idea by expressing it with tags like philosophy, inspiration, preaching non-violence, proper use of impressions, etc.

I take the approach of applying philosophy in my own life through meditation, journaling, writing, study, research and being a lifelong learner.

My point of view is that of a transparent, blogging, man.

I give my energy and attention.

I would like to attract the same to sell this product at a fair price.


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