Peace On Earth Is Going To End By The Next Generation…

Provocative, maybe,

  1. Threat of nuclear war (all billions of humans dead).
  2. Threat of climate change (global destruction).
  3. Threat of Korea and Middle East (start of nuclear war).

Lack of attention, to global destruction,

We are rapidly approaching global destruction,

Are we dedicated to destroying human life?

Noam Chomsky believes we are.

Is organized human life finished?

There are options, ‘obey the law’.

Stop these threats and head towards global peace.

Can the world survive?

Will China save the world?

Your generation is being asked to determine humanities survival.

America is being asked to save the world?

Here, now, by everyone, who wants to change for peace.

All advances come from grass roots movements.

That starts with student/teacher relationships.

What needs to be changed in today’s world and how do you do it?

Check out this video and decide for yourself.

Get together with other students and discuss your future.




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