Running Man

Whoever you are being right now is the wrong man.

Whatever you are doing right now is the wrong thing.

You are in denial when you harm yourself and others.

Can you not see the truth?

Running from pain feels good till it all comes rushing into your life.

Keeping a lid on things seems to work till the stuff goes crazy.

Why not face the facts and try to make a change.

You don’t have to be your bad behaviour.

It’s never too late to face your pain.

But you would prefer not to look at yourself or listen to me.

But you would rather keep having fun and you are too scared to stop this run.

You’d rather die than face your part in this charade.

Can’t you see your life you throw away?

It is a tough call to do the right call in your painful situation.

It is a part of life to let you make the decision to stop running and do no harm.

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