There are many wars in the world.

There are many hiding places for displaced people.

But what about coming here to Canada?

Is Canada open to accepting the refugee?

This is an official Government statement from our government website:

“Refugees are people who have fled their countries because of a well-founded fear of persecution. They are not able to return home. They have seen or experienced many horrors.

A refugee is different from an immigrant. An immigrant is a person who chooses to settle permanently in another country. Refugees are forced to flee.”

I believe the Canadian government when they make the above statement.

I know churches do their best to welcome people who are finding their way in the world.

I know individuals struggle with accepting the refugee.

“All Saints” is a movie about an actual church and refugees.

A movie is a poor substitute for a connection to people who struggle to rebuild their lives.

Yet, people make it to our country and find a new home and a new life.

Good luck to all the new people who find themselves in a new culture and new country.



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