Act Vs Role: a game called life

In this dialogue, elements of a play are discussed.  To what purpose, a life can not be saved when survival is no longer held at bay.  Does lust and entertainment torment thee or is capital just another form of disingenuous form?  What are the stakes on the world stage? 

Act:  Do you play the game of life or do you want to live?  It seems to me that you cajole to separate parts in a play.

Role:  You act like a player and die like one too.  Where is your lust for life?  We play a game you fool.  There is no blood spilt here.

A:  Life’s blood is not always so literal.  What of the war between the powers that be?

R:  Now you jest.  Russia and America are players too.  We must respect them to play a fair game.

A:  Respect is earned and given to those that live well.  Our children play games.  We entertain ourselves with plays.  Politics appear to play at games but pronounce words that gain life when played using the proper use of impressions.  Surely, it is still a hard old life that wins the forgiveness and understanding from the young.

R:  Our way is marred with blood.  Many have fallen to make way for our noble youth.  We play as a reward for all our hard work.  Like gladiators of old, we celebrate with wine, lovemaking and song.  Perhaps, you do not breath the equality and justice that have befallen us on these hard times.  The globalization of this planet is hard to win.  We still fight.

A: Equality and justice are in the making for the living planet we all inhabit.  We live or fall together.  That is why our young find forgiveness and understanding in our lifetime.  And we are from the human family.  Our partitions are formed by lives from each generation that congeal together out of struggle and response to countless acts of survival and many more behaviours born out of safety and maturing of our acts and beliefs.

R:  You still play a game.  Your words sound rehearsed and broken by empty promise of a better future.  You sound lame.

A:  Act I do.  And at times very wooden to the onlooker.  Dressing up words are hard to do.  Yet, we talk incessantly and do very little to improve our situation.  It is just a complicated world.  Living still out paces mere survival.  We keep putting our money where our mouth is.  We are determined to improve.  In a hundred generations things will bear fruit.

R:  I fear we will all be gone.

A:  I will volunteer and leave on my own accord.  Once I have pressed out what little life is left to me.  My will is to live well or not at all.  And yes, I will accept entertainment from a good play and whatever other form of entertainment I am fortunate to find.  Live long and journey well.


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