Freedom Vs. Slavery: My will

In this dialogue two characters of will discuss their understanding and forgiveness.  and the necessity of living well.

Freedom:  I am too perplexed by your trouble to be of much help.  You say it is too hard to live preaching non-violence.  That people will judge you.  And that humility is just another way to walk around the problem.

Slavery:  I am a captive.  Society demands my body, mind and life.  But I alone control my free ‘will’.  And I choose to live well or not at all.

F:  Then, I understand the hardship at controlling your will to do.  I too make mistakes and attempt to correct my way.  Sometimes I succeed but mostly I fail.  But I gain good habits.  Yet, I will never find perfection.  Can you not attempt to live well?

S:  I am a slave to so many people, places, and things.  I loose heart.  I am tired from all the pain and suffering.  Sometimes, I give up and fall into a hole.

F:  I am listening to your problem.  And I too live a messy human existence.  I seek a ‘will’ that is free to choose non-violence and to live well.  How do you seek it?

S:  I seek my free will by allowing others to be and letting life be.  I only ask myself to choose to live well.  I believe I do my best.  But I feel as if my will is sick and weak.

F:  No.  You are sick and weak.  But you still choose to live well.  Life will take your body, mind, and eventually your life.  But only your will can choose to live well.

S:  Yet, I do not feel free when I make mistakes and fall into the hole I dig for myself.

F:  You do not dig this hole by yourself.  Sometimes others contribute to this misfortune.  Sometimes you are ignorant of your own mistakes.

S:  Yes, I see it is so.  Why do you always put your money where your mouth is?  How do you forgive and understand yourself?

F:  I earn my way.  I work for my forgiveness and understanding by using my free will to choose to use impression in the proper way.  You do the same in many of our similar experiences.  You choose to eat, exercise and sleep?

S:  Yes, I do.  But how can you unequivocally say, only I choose to live well?

F:  I take it with a grain of salt.  I do my best.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.  I am just like you.  Are we not all human.

S:  Yes we are.


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