Doubt Vs. Faith: A Reason To Believe

In this dialogue, two old compatriots argue for a great cause:  A Reason To Believe.

Doubt:  I don’t believe you need a reason to do anything.

Faith:  I believe in you and others, but I need to believe in myself.  I have to but myself first in this way.  I have faith in us all.

D:  I don’t think there is right or a wrong way, I hesitate to answer anyone without the question coming first.

F:  There is no bad question or answer, but you need to have faith to believe in anything.

D:  One must doubt ‘faith’ to see what may be conjured during the process.  When one is not confident, it is only natural that some doubt creep into the equation.

F:  Faith is a good enough reason for me to believe in anything.

D:  Don’t ‘doubt’ you mean, but we all do, at one time or another.

F:  Yes, and we all find our way with faith, to some degree or another.

D:  So what reason is good enough for a belief in anything?

F:  We all struggle to know ourselves and act on that knowledge to make the best decisions.  We have the same struggles with complicated issues that require a judgement to do what is right.  We make mistakes and learn to learn or unlearn whatever is causing us error.  Nothing is ever that straight forward or if it is, we are able to take better responsibility for our part in the matter.  In this sense, we have some kind of reason to believe in ourselves, others, and the things that matter to us.

D:  True, I am responsible for myself and how I act, within my limitations.  Knowing my limits are difficult to know in some of my greyer areas.  And what I decide/chose to believe is full of doubt and faith.  I have come to grips with my doubt and my faith and take responsibility for these feelings.  Like I am ready to take responsibility for my actions by law.

F:  Yes, and for some that is following the law of God or their country and whatever they believe.  For me it is not enough to follow or even lead.  I may not make many mistakes outside the law.  But I make many mistakes as a human being.

D:  True, I am a citizen and try to follow the law of a world citizen.

F:  I need to have faith in many areas of my life and what I encounter in the world.  I don’t know all the answers or even feel competent to give a reason to believe.  But I have faith the conversation will continue to evolve and give us better ways to practice being a better human being.

D:  I admire your faith, but forgive my doubt, we will work on these problems together.

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