The Source

The parent of all we believe is here.

Why do we repel against a stronger, wiser, way of being?

We are fortunate to have a choice.

Albeit, a choice for a good life.

The inner peace is a place of tranquility.

This is the watering hole for the mind.

We choose to meditate to acquire this quenching substance for the mind.

It is as much a practice as it is a state of mind.

Being is the ‘spark of life’.

Why do we commit suicide?

This bliss is our own choosing.

We work our whole life to gain a sense of it.

There are so many beliefs.

And we fight over them all.

Yet, we have a choice over what we believe.

What are you choosing at this very moment?

A Life Hack is to know what you believe.

You get to decide if it is worth keeping in your life.

There is always time to change your mind.

A belief is just the software you use to act out the habits and behaviors in your life.

You are your own source of what is right and wrong.

It is a life long affair, enjoy the ups and downs.

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