Life Is A Passion, Keep Her Safe

A racing competitive game of tennis brings pain, sorrow, love and joy.

Celebrate your loss with a little jig, “Hooray, hooray, I lost!”. I pretend my lose is the victory of a winner.

The wisdom won from a lose is more than sport, it is about learning to accept the pain and hate with a pairing of joy and love, to face your opponent with knowledge, understanding and respect (This is taught in youth through your coach during practice.)

I learn more in the painful experience of how to celebrate a lose from my father when ,as a child, I learn to hate my lose, yet I ape his jig, joy and love in preparation for a better way to behave…

The play of her and my dance will accompany my romance for her.

All life is passing wisdom from adult to child.

Learning and growing through a loving teaching relationship with my father and his life lessons.

So much life imprinted in my role of worker, husband, friend and player, father, candlestick maker.

Wisdom being passed on through and from each generation.

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