Why Do I Wear The Poppy?

It is Remembrance Day 2017.

I have not worn a poppy, as an experiment, for a long time.

I didn’t wear it because I thought society was being too nationalistic or too obligatory.

But today, I wear it because I need to embrace my culture and be a good global citizen.

How do others view me wearing a poppy?

Do the people who feel pain and went through all that suffering hate me?

Does it cause needless pain and suffering to those who are still in pain?

Are my fellow citizen’s being herded into doing or saying something that does harm to them and others?

Really, I honor those people and the past generations that faced the wars, and the times that caused so much pain and suffering.

I feel grateful to be free and able to struggle with my own problems in innovative ways that help me change and stay curious about life.

I celebrate with all those who are doing the same.

And I respect and ‘take a minute of silence’ to remember those who did it.

I am cooperating and collaborating on Remembrance Day the best way I am able to do it: live life.

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