Fasting (A Discovery Process)

Funny, fast verses fast-food, is fasting the new way to transition from a mistake or bad habit to a discovery or a better way to correct or improve a habit?

What is ‘a fast’ physically?

It is the absence of a substance, idea, or thought, feeling or belief that ‘works’ as a bad habit.

What is the replacement for the bad habit?

Something that ‘works’ better or well in your specific life, that brings happiness or contentment without the harsh excitement of pleasure or addictive behaviors.

How much of a fast is good?

Some fasting is more painful than others.

But it is best to try less fasting first and with professional advice.

Is non-processed always better than processed?

Live pain free or as pain free as you can without doing further damage. For example, living with gallstones is painful, but reversible over time.

Surgery may remove the pain temporarily but it will reoccur.

Giving up smoking is painful for a few years, but cutting down causes years more damage and pain.

TV gives some pleasure, but gradually creates pain in your life.

It all depends on your willingness to live a healthy lifestyle.

These generalities about fasting are true for everyone.

But the changes you make in your life will result in a better life for you and your friends and families.

Gradually, people will benefit in large groups.

We have been improving our habits for eons.

And it will take eons more.

But to fast today will improve your life today.

Remember to check with your medical doctor and do your best to learn how to fast in a safe way.

There are lots of ways to learn how to have a better lifestyle.

But you are the only person who can change your habits.

Even you will fail before you have any long term change.

It may take years to stop a bad habit or live with the condition you caused through being ignorant or unaware of this bad habit: live, love, listen and learn.

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