This Morning’s Meditation Musings

It is a note taking practice to keep my meditation on point.

The idea is to record any internal or external distraction.

Then gently guide myself back to my meditation.

There has been the blaring of police sirens…

I am distracted by my virtual cinnamon candle,

More by the flutter of the flame than the smell of cinnamon (ha,ha),

Jonathan, as in Jonathan Livingston from the famous book by Richard Bach, keeps up his cry outside my window.

More abstract sounds of mechanical sounds: buzzing, vibrational, claps, etc.

A car door slams,

A street sweeper brushes clean the road outside my window and the backup alarm from the garbage truck sounds.

Upstairs neighbor climbs out of bed,

This morning feels more like distraction than meditation.

I am grateful for my note taking technique!

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