[Voltaire and Socrates], The Grand Design

In this dialogue, two great philosophers discuss the meaning of life.

Voltaire: Why did they kill you?

Socrates: Because I believe in the world like you might believe in the cosmos.

V: What does that mean?

S: I think we need to believe in more than saying something. We need to do it.

V: How so?

S: Simple, in your day to day interactions with people, tolerate their and your own differences. Don’t scrap over them. Be good. Do no harm.

V: I like your message. I wrote a book about it called Treatise on Toleration.

S: Sounds good, but I believe I need to put my words into action whenever possible.

V: How so?

S: I question myself and others to think about the truth of the matter and to put myself into action while presenting myself to others. People are highly intelligent and think as well or better than me. I like to use my method to produce as much thought and action from others to improve the world. This I believe is the grand design: universal law.

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