[Me, Future Me], “Olympic Athletes ” Of The Mind

In this dialogue, me and my future are at stake in the real drama of my life.  Everyone of us stand beside ourselves and choose which way to live.  In a real sense we are athletes that exercise our brains to have more of what works in our day to day lives.  In this conversation, a time traveler pleads for help:  simplicity, compassion and patience.

Me:  How are you doing old boy?

Old Boy:  You certainly sound chipper!

M:  What happened to your leg?

OB:  Broke it in a biking accident.

M:  Looks lame.

OB:  Yup.  Do you ride?

M:  Yup.  And I wouldn’t give it up for nothin.

OB:  Could ya slow down?

M: What’s the fun in that?

OB:  Is it worth it?

M:  Hmmm?

OB:  Can you prevent an accident?  Would you want to try?

M:  Ofcourse I would.

OB:  Slow down.

M:  Train your Brain, the best way, mindful, knowing yourself.  I wish I’d spent more time allowing myself to discover the wonderful nature of my mind.

OB:  It’s not to late.  Who knows, small steps every day will add up.  Either to a broken lame leg or a better one.

M:  Like changing a brain can save lives?  You must be joking?

OB:  No, I am a safety first kinda guy.  But start with yourself first.  You can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself.

M:  What no ‘love your neighbor ‘?

OB:  Ya, train your brain, train your body, train your family and friend and your neighbor.  Maybe, tip the world to go in a better direction.  But start at the source.  Use a little simplicity, compassion and patience.  Your choice.

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