[Venus and Mars], Worlds at War

This is the story of the overarching problems that create a fight among man and woman.  This is about getting along with the mess, the work, the details and the pain.

Her’s:  “Candle of thought…”

His’s:  Road Not Taken ideas.

Her’s:  Reproduction:  sleeping around verses money.

His’s:  Sex verses tall, dark and handsome?

Her’s:  Gimmicky and silly analogies will upset the otherwise down to earth reality.

His’s:  Everyday struggles bar the way to getting through it each day.

Her’s:  Perhaps, it is time to live alone.

His’s:  Maybe, it is best to be around each other less rather than more.

Her’s:  Each person needs to be responsible for who they are, without battling over the little stuff.

His’s:  We build our behaviour by ape like repetition and forgo the detail work of cooperation and collaboration.

Her’s:  Self-help is not the cure or is being single, alone or divorced.

His’s:  Some people are alone for a while to clean up their messy lives.  Others, are with people like friends and family, until they meet and fall for each other, the way people tend to do.  They hookup, go out, live together and then the real living begins.

Her’s:  Getting to know each other’s habits, strengths, and weaknesses and collaboration and cooperation is still necessary weather there is sex, chemistry or good guy behaviour.  Her smile or his are not the please and thank you.  The way is not always nameable.  Talk is not always necessary.

His’s:  Loosing illusions are painful and mostly necessary for cooperation and collaboration.

Her’s:  Be yourself but be your best at whatever is coming up in life.

His’s:  It is your life and your partners or the one you join in epic symphonic or easy listening music style.  You are two people behaving like one, a couple, but don’t get silly or gimmicky about each other.  Stay real, use common sense too!

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