[Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman], Scientists

In this dialogue, the spirits are two famous Scientists who represent the equivalent of priests in our secular belief system (Science).  I imagine a conversation these two might have about the meaning of the universe.

Albert:  I know your don’t like to talk about the universe in terms like energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared, but it might save a lot of trouble if I mention a couple of names.

Richard:  You can talk to me like you talk to any other scientist.  I just like keeping a sense of humor.  We can show off a little.

A:  Well, I would like to think some more about the unified field theory or what you might call the meaning of the universe.

R:  Have you heard about that other scientist who coined the name ‘Fractal’?  I think the Mandelbrot set describes bark, clouds, snowflakes.  This is a very original idea.

A:  But yes, of course I have kept up, this scientist you mention has a good idea.  It is making some very practical solutions in reality.  But what about god?  What about rolling the dice?

R:  These fractals can measure coastlines more accurately than ever before.  And in the same sense, we can measure everything in a better way.  These infinately repeating patterns give us a measuring stick for smaller patterns.  I am thinking about the relationship of smaller parts of energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.

A:  I see what you mean.  Our guess will be much smaller or more accurate using simple geometry combined with imaginary numbers.  The math is very simple and beautiful.

R:  I realize mass is light and gravity and energy.  I see they are all interchangeable, but look and behave differently depending on the configuration or related to the state of matter.  It is simply a smaller state and a smaller state of matter.

A:  If I follow you, I will try one of your analogies.  I am thinking of rain as a big form of condensation.  I am thinking of condensation as being a big form of atomized water.  Do you see?

R:  Yes, I think I do.  I am thinking atomized water as a big form of meson particles.  We can keep going to smaller and smaller particle to infinity.

A:  I think you can now make your tree.

R:  I can make anything found in the universe.  Perhaps, I can make one or two things we have not (yet) found?

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