Being Vegan And/Or Being Human

Why passion is a prerequisite for loving others.

Why loosing control of your feelings is called passion.

Why you can’t be in control of yourself.

Why you need to be around others.

Why others include life like plants, animals, insects and microbes.

Why we live together in a big place called earth-the solar system-what is the name of this solar system?-galaxy-what is the name of this galaxy?-universe-what is the name of this universe?


Why reason is a prerequisite for being with others.

Why having reason is needed to gain self control but not self control over others.

Or why you need to be yourself.

Or why yourself does not include others.

Why you reason about this big place.

Why you may not appear to care about others.


Being grateful for knowing why I love being human.

Why being happy and meaningful are important to me and others.


Why the earth, moon and sun(stars) do not have a name.

Why we want to name everything.


Why we are all one.

Why we are all a part.


Why we love each other.

Why we love the totality of the universe.


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