Artifical Being (Being Blue)

“The Art Of Living” is a modern Stoic translation of a series of lectures for boys, written by one of the students in honor of their teacher Epictetus.

“The Tao Te Ching” is a Taoist translation of a book written by a teacher who was simply refered to as the ‘old man’.

There are many books that make good guides on how to live a ‘good life’.

Throughout history we tend to record descriptions of ways of being.  Many have become sacred texts of religion and important books of philosophy.

Is there a way to be?  Most of us struggle with this notion of being good or better.

And the term ‘Enlightenment’ can be seen in many essays, books, and teachings.  Generally, the term is about a higher state of being.

On the Internet, there are many vids that present Yogis, teachers, and coaches.  They all have students seeking better ways to live.

There seems to be a genuine interest in ‘being’.  Does this core desire to be, connect us in some meaningful way?

People learn from one another and live with this promise:  working with practise and principles will led to achieving balance in our lives.

Some of our uses of the sacred and profane will be less or of little use.

Being a student or a teacher, many strive to use these ways of being to express a specific religion and/or philosophy.

Some are using these religions or philosophies to bring meaning and happiness in there day to day lives.

And there is a lot of hype and chit-chat that bubbles up in culture about it-all-on-the-internet.

It means, not so very much to those that use these religious and philosophical ideas.



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