Oh, Henry (David Thoreau)

Why did you whorship that which is behaviour?

To prize a goodness or a nature above the basic need to be.


Where is your own harm?

Why do you put passion for perfection or to be good above getting better or relieving your hurt?


It has been described as ignorance not to ‘know thyself’.


It is difficult to forgive and forget when it is hard to find compassion for oneself.


But you were not alone in ignoring harm to yourself and denying harm you did to others.


Some of your friends needed forgiving,

somtimes the hardest thing to do is forgive ourselves.


Maybe, I am just projecting my pain on a historical figure, I admire and respect.


I know I can’t easily forgive myself, family and friends.

But I strive for freedom, and choose to look for that same freedom in others.

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