What’s Good To Eat?

Everybody needs to watch this vid to become more aware about prevention, healthy lifestyle and living the ‘good life’.

With that said, changing our habits is a lot easier than people make it out to be.

And what we do is mostly responsible for where we are at or what kind of lifestyle we practice.

Consider carefully, how you live  and try to improve what you do.



Ketogenic Effect

Diets are ideal for people who are trying to correct poor eating habits.

In my case, over the years, I started by cutting out junk food which lead to cutting out sugar.

I also cut out caffeine to avoid problems in hot environments and noticed I felt and slept better.

Slowly, I realized I must cut back on beer and wine because of the sugar or carbs.

As I focused on alcohol, I realized less is better.

Now with drinking more water, less sugar and carbs, more veggie, protein and fiber balance, I tend to eat less hydrogenated oils like margarine and eat more oil from avocado or olive oil.

This brought me to the conclusion that I may benefit from a keto diet that involves less food and more fasting.

Watching my portion size has all but eliminated excess sugar, starchy foods, and excess carbohydrates.

But this gradual transition has helped me develop sensible good eating habits and avoided any extremes that may be dangerous.

With a doctor’s okay, I highly recommend the keto diet for people it may benefit in sensible ways.

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