I gave up running about 10 years ago.

At the time I had my reason and I believe my health is better served to sticking to my decision.

I still like to walk, but much of my time is spent walking on the job to the tune of 10 thousand steps a day.

But, I also drive most of the day and I am walking less often because I am addicted to using my company car.

I have reintroduced walking during the weekend to loose my bad habit of driving everywhere and improving my movement each day.

I like to wear the proper footwear.

Because my job requires 12 hours of standing each day, I like to wear good runners that support my standing and walking each day.

I have a job that requires me to wear separate clothing: work clothing and foot wear.

So I buy additional shoes for hiking and casual wear.

My latest experiment is a new pair of runners.

I do not endorse these runners but if you are curious, check out the link below.

This Unique New Sneaker Is Getting Extremely High Praises From Everyone, Runners, Athletes And Workers (

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