Last Time, (I will be me!)I am here…

No more sugar,

No more alcohol,

No more bread and pasta,

Treat all the above like a good spice, very sparingly,

Enjoy the benefits of the ‘good life’; be serious about problems and maintain them to a small manageable size.

Do no harm, be ethical.

Do exercise to optimize the health of all you transmit.

Better yourself when you are willing and able.

“Resist and persist.” Says Epictetus.

Exercise all aspects of the brain: use reason, emotion, the way you believe is best. Attempt rigor and ‘seize the day’.

Rest, relax, recreate!

Meditate, journal, read, write, study and research.

Face the truth when you are willing and able.

Be a hero.

Be a thinker.

Be a compassionate one.

Be safe and kind.

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